A 2021 harvest of classic Colombian coffee. Medium-bodied with low acidity & jazzy, spice-notes at medium roast. Bakers's chocolate & toasted-walnut at dark roasts. Easily an every-day drinker that Is sure to please all coffee lovers. 
This offering is the product of Red Ecolsierra's effort with hundreds of small, organic farmers in the lower Sierra Nevada mountain-range. R.E. respectfully aims to increase the amount farmers are paid for their work: even paying the 31 producers of this high-quality offering 50% above federal guidelines. Great story. Great coffee.

1 Pound

Origin: Santa Maria & Cienaga, Magdalena

Varietal: Castillo, Colombia & Typica

Elevation: 900-1400 masl

Soil: Clay loam

Process: Fully washed & sun-dried on raised beds

Certification: Farmgate & Organic


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